Learning Backyard BBQ Interview Flow


I will share your 50ish word bio then intro turn it over to you to fill in the gaps and provide a glimpse into your personal life

One big and unique value Bomb

Expound upon your area of expertise and then share one unique tip tool, tactic that Backyard barbecues needs to know and probably doesn’t. If it’s something lame like If you’re looking you’re not cookin . I will roast you!

Worst Barbecue Moment

Take us to the moment in time you would consider your worst barbecue moment , and tell us the story. Well expound upon lessons learned .

The Ah- Ha ‘ Moment

Take us to the moment in time of an incredible Ah-HA moment you’ve had and tell us the story. We’ll expound upon the steps you took to turn that Ah-Ha into success.

What is the one thing you are fired up about today?

Share something you are excited about

The Blue Smoke Round

1. What’s holding you back from being the best pit master in the world?

2. What is the best BBQ advice you have ever received ?

3. Share one of your personal habits that contribute to your BBQ success?

4. Share an internet BBQ resource like Youtube, that you can share with our listeners

5. What book would you recommend to our learning backyard listeners and why?

6. Time Permitting imagine you woke up tomorrow in a brand new world identical to earth but you knew no-one. You still have all of your BBQ experience and knowledge and currently have ,your food and shelter taken care of , but but all you have is 2000.for BBQ supplies to cook for your family and friend and fiends.what should you buy with the money

The Grand Finale

We’ll end with you sharing a parting piece of guidance (a special quote) and the best way we can connect with you. This is the place you share your gift (a special rub, sauce or recipe to learning backyard BBQ If you have one 🙂

I will call you via SKYPE at the appointment time my Skype Id is: mikesmckenzie . This is an audio only interview so no need for makeup! :-). Recording by participating in the Learning Backyard BBQ interview, you agree to allow LBBQ to record, distribute , and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow LBBQ to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches books, and in all other public distribution.