There are many types of BBQ smokers available in the market, and most of them are excellent in terms of their performance. However, as beginners, I would never recommend you to purchase one of the high-end smokers. Instead, the first time buyers of BBQ smoker should opt for the smaller smokers available within a low budget. This will also solve a lot of your problems if you have a limited cooking space at the backward. Here are some of the top choices for you.
Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5”: Weber-Stephen is one of the most trusted manufacturers of accessories and equipment related to BBQ. Weber smokers and grills are popular for their features that make BBQ fun and exciting. Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5” model is the medium-sized and original version of the highly appreciated charcoal smokers from the company. This smoker is recommended for the beginners because its functions are easier to master.

Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5” smokers are capable of cooking food at a remarkably steady temperature for longer durations. The product’s solid construction and beautiful finish are complemented by its chrome and porcelain coatings. The sturdy legs of these smokers are equipped with an aluminium heat shield. While cooking on a wooden deck, it is highly recommended to set the Weber Smokey Mountain smokers on grilling mats. The primary capacity of these smokers is around 380 square inches, equivalent to about eighteen burgers.

Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5”: This is the latest and largest version of the popular charcoal fuelled smokers from Weber Smokey Mountain. Many of its features are almost similar to the 18.5” model. However, the biggest advantage of this model is its higher capacity. As compared to the 15.5” grates in the smaller model, this model has 21” grates. It is actually possible to keep some slabs of ribs on the grate without bending or cutting them. The size of these smokers is enough to accommodate eight pork butts, each weighing five pounds.

Traeger Lil’ Tex Pellet Smoker: Over the years, this smoker has been a popular starter smoker amongst people that are enthusiastic about pellet cooking. Smoke, medium, and high are the three setting available in this smoker. The cooking surface available in this smoker has a depth and width of 16.5” and 22.5” respectively, resulting in a cooking surface are of 371 square inches. Please remember this model doesn’t have a digital temperature controller. Those looking for this feature may purchase Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite.

Traeger Junior Pellet Smoker: As indicated by the model’s name, this is the smaller version of the well-known entry level smoker from Traeger named Lil’ Tex Pellet. This model’s size is around 75% of the volume of Lil’ Tex Pellet, and offers a cooking surface are of 292 square inches. These smokers are equipped with position controllers that can only execute high, medium, and low heat pellet run times. Those looking for the digital control feature may purchase one from Traeger and install the same.

Portable Traeger Grill: This is one of the smallest smokers you would ever come across with a weight of forty pounds only. The height, weight, and depth of this smoker are 13”, 21” and 17” respectively. It comes with a latch on the lid, and can be carried just like a suitcase. With a cooking surface of 169 inches only, the cooking options available are limited.

Hope this brief discussion will help you choose the smoker that best fits your requirement. Do not hesitate to write to us, in case you still have doubts.