Hey we are off and running! My name is Mike Mckenzie I am currently living in Cabo San Lucas Mexico and for the longest time I have wanted to start a BBQ Podcast and the time is here. I was born in Kansas City Missouri and have been around Bar-b-cue since I was 5 years old. My grandfather Theodore Pete Williams is my favorite pitmaster. He was a tough and lit up any room when he walked in (kinda loud too) his love for Bar-b-cueing on the weekend was epic. The only problem was he didn’t like to share his secrets when he passed away so did tons of Bar-b-cue knowledge. I watched and watched him prepare for the weekend cooks and sat there like a sponge. That’s exactly how I learned to Barbecue at a very young age. Today my love for Barbecue and sharing everything I know comes from my grandpa. I will make this podcast a fun knowledgeable place for all to come and feel like family. So please feel welcome and help out sharing your knowledge as well. I wish this podcast could stop all of the world violence. Only if we could have one huge Bar-b-que and share the science of Low and Slow to stop the nonsense. I wish!


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